Key to my Heart Aromatherapy Enclosure Locket With Clay Diffuser Ball Set


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Key to my Heart enclosure locket and necklace with clay diffuser ball set.


The hearts and key symbolize enduring love and is given to protect it. Embrace your favorite Sun’s Eye oil in this aromatherapy locket and clay diffuser ball set.

Cast in a durable metal alloy and plated in 925 sterling silver, the pendant comes with an 18″-20″ adjustable hypoallergenic stainless steel chain and a 14 mm clay diffuser ball in sapphire. The pendant enclosure is 18 mm in diameter and secured by a chain within a hidden bezel. Elegant, refined, and elevated, it is perfect on its own or layered with other pieces. This is a unique way to enjoy your favorite Sun’s Eye scent close to your heart.

Care Instructions:To maintain your Sun’s Eye locket, remember these care instructions: store it in a cool, dry place, remove before swimming, bathing or using hot tubs, refrain from wearing during physical activities, and gently polish with a silver cloth to restore its shine if tarnished.

Country of origin: China

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