Clay Diffuser Ball Refill Pack


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Set of 3 Clay Diffuser Balls in sapphire, rose, and lavender.


Refill pack of 3 clay diffuser balls to be used with Sun’s Eye Oils and Sun’s Eye Enclosure Lockets. The diffuser ball refill pack comes with 1 ball of each color, sapphire, rose, and lavender and are inspired by the permeability of basaltic lava stones. Each diffuser ball is 14mm in diameter and the refill set is packaged in a clear poly reclosable bag.

Sun’s Eye clay diffuser balls can also be used with Sun’s Eye oils in fragrance dishes, pouches, and other accessories to uplift the mood in any dresser drawer, purse, car, or personal space and enjoy favorite scent.

Country of origin: China

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Weight0.025 lbs
Package Dimensions2.25 × 1.6 × 0.56 in


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