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Formulated to encourage attributes of Sagittarius: optimistic, tolerant, philosophical, and jovial.

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Sagittarius oil has sweet top notes with a base note of Musk and is formulated to encourage attributes of Sagittarius: optimistic, tolerant, philosophical, and jovial. The purpose of these beautiful oils is to assist in aligning oneself with the vibrational energies of the Zodiac signs.

Sun’s Eye oils are highly concentrated blends of essential and fragrance oils that are synthesized from a wide variety of ingredients. Our oils are petroleum-free, paraben-free, DBP and DEHP-free, as well as vegan—meaning no animal products or testing.

Sun’s Eye oils can be used to scent your home, car, or body. We offer aromatherapy lockets, bracelets, diffusers, and aroma lamps for diffusing our oils. Transform your favorite Sun’s Eye aroma into a body fragrance or more by diluting our body-grade oils with our Bohemian Alchemy carrier oil for limitless possibilities. Explore the Variety of Uses tab to unlock the magic of Sun’s Eye oils in candles, soaps, and beyond.

A range of sizes is offered from our convenient drop-down menu including .5 fl oz in glass, 4 fl oz in glass, 8 fl oz in glass, 8 fl oz in HDPE plastic bottle, 16 fl oz in glass, 16 fl oz in HDPE plastic bottle, and 32 fl oz in HDPE plastic bottle.

External use only. Do not ingest. Keep away from children and finished surfaces.

Our formulas are based on traditional and time-honored associations that are mindfully crafted with intention in mind. Our products are tools to remind the user of their intention. No guarantee of results is implied.

Variety of Uses

The following data presents the maximum concentrations and dilution ratios recommended for Sun’s Eye concentrated aromas and essential oils in adherence to IFRA safety standards and are not recipes to make these products.

Personal Fragrance

(Rollon or Spray)

52% max concentration

*15 ml concentrated aroma requires 14 ml carrier for dilution

1 part Sun’s Eye concentrated aroma for every 1 part carrier (1:1)

Body Fragrance

13% max concentration

*15 ml concentrated aroma requires 101 ml carrier for dilution

1 part Sun’s Eye concentrated aroma for every 7 parts carrier (1:7)

Bath Products

16% max concentration

*15 ml concentrated aroma requires 79 ml carrier for dilution

1 part Sun’s Eye concentrated aroma for every 6 parts carrier (1:6)


16% max concentration

*15 ml concentrated aroma requires 79 ml carrier for dilution

1 part Sun’s Eye concentrated aroma for every 6 parts carrier (1:6)

Room Spray

42% max concentration

*15 ml concentrated aroma requires 21 ml carrier for dilution

2 parts Sun’s Eye concentrated aroma for every 3 parts carrier (2:3)

Candles, Incense, and Accessories

100% max concentration

Flashpoint >200°

External use only. Not for use in lip balm.

*Please note that one 0.5 fl oz bottle of Sun’s Eye concentrated aroma or essential oil is equivalent to 15 ml. Ratios may have been rounded for convenience and ease of use.

Definitions and Terms

A carrier is used to dilute Sun’s Eye concentrated aromas or essential oils to carry the fragrance and meet IFRA safety standards.

Maximum concentration is the highest amount of a Sun’s Eye concentrated aroma or essential oil that should be used in a specific application to meet IFRA safety standards.

A flashpoint is the minimum temperature at which a liquid gives off enough vapor to ignite, and it is an important safety consideration when using heat and Sun’s Eye concentrated aromas and essential oils.

Uses as personal fragrance include fine fragrance of all types of hands free applications such as roll on or spray, eau de toilette, eau de parfum, eau de cologne, and solid perfume.

Uses as body fragrance include body creams, oils, lotions of all types, foot care products, all body powders and talcs (excluding baby powders and talcs), and insect repellent intended to be applied to the skin.

Uses as bath products include bath bombs, gels, foams, mousses, salts, oils and other products added to bathwater, body washes and shower gels of all types, liquid soap, shampoo of all types, conditioner (rinse-off), foot care products (for soaking), shaving creams of all types (stick, gels, foams, etc.), all depilatories and waxes for mechanical hair removal.

Uses as a diffuser include fragranced oil for lamp ring, reed diffusers, and pot-pourri.

Uses for room spray include aerosol and pump air freshener sprays of all types.

Uses for candles, incense, and accessories include candles of all types (including encased), incense, aromatherapy lockets, fragrancing sachets, air freshening crystals, and solid substrate materials (clay).


Fragrance, hydroxycitronellal, hexyl cinnamal, alpha-isomethyl ionone, geraniol, citronellol, coumarin, benzyl benzoate, eugenol, limonene, essential myrrh oil (commiphora myrrha), essential lime oil & terpenes (citrus aurantifolia), essential clove leaf oil (eugenia caryophyllus leaf), essential anise oil (pimpinella anisum seed), essential cassia oil (cinnamomum cassia leaf), essential carrot oil (daucus carota sativa seed), labdanum absolute (cistus ladaniferus extract), essential patchouli oil (pogostemon cablin), essential clary sage oil (salvia sclarea), styrax benzoin resin extract


Fragrance, also known as aromatic compounds are ingredients that are used to provide pleasing scent to aromas.



Hydroxycitronellal is a synthetic compound used to give fragrances a sweet and subtly floral aroma reminiscent of lily of the valley.


Hexyl Cinnamal

While found naturally in chamomile and its essential oil, alpha-Hexylcinnamaldehyde (commonly called hexyl cinnamal) is most often syntethically produced to add a sweet, floral aroma reminiscent of jasmine.


Alpha-isomethyl Ionone

While found naturally in Brewer’s yeast and the mokryeon tree, alpha-isomethyl ionene is most often syntethically produced to add a floral and woody aroma reminiscent of orris.



Extracted from the flowers of many plants, including lavender, rose, citronella, and lemongrass, geraniol is used to give fragrances a fruity and sweet, rose-like aroma.



Citronellol, a naturally occuring terpene found in many plants and essential oils, is added to fragrances to create a crisp, floral aroma reminiscent of roses.



Found naturally in plants such as vanilla grass, tonka beans, and cinnamon, coumarin is used to add a sweet aroma reminiscent of vanilla.


Benzyl Benzoate

While benzyl benzoate is found naturally in many plants, it is often synthesized (using benzyl alcohol and benzoic acid) to maintain the lifespan of a fragrance and add a subtle sweet-balsamic aroma.



Found naturally in many plants and essential oils including nutmeg, cinnamon, turmeric, and thyme, eugenol is most often extracted from clove and adds a spicy, clove-like aroma.



Found naturally in citrus and other essential oils, limonene provides fresh and penetrating citrus notes.


Essential Myrrh Oil

(commiphora myrrha)

With its famously distinctive earthy and balsamic aroma, essential myrrh oil is used by many to calm, uplift, and balance. Ancient Egyptians used myrrh in incense, fragrances, and skin applications, and it appears in the Koran, the old and new testaments, and Greek and Roman texts.


Essential Lime Oil & Terpenes

(citrus aurantifolia)

Lime oil terpenes give fragrances a subtly sweet but bright, zesty, and citrusy aroma.


Essential Clove Leaf Oil

(eugenia caryophyllus leaf)

Extracted from the leaves of eugenia caryophyllus, essential clove leaf oil provides fragrances with a sweet and spicy, balsamic aroma.


Essential Anise Oil

(pimpinella anisum seed)

Essential anise oil is well-known for its distinctly sweet, spicy, licorice aroma. Many use it to calm and ground, increase mental clarity, and ease stress.


Essential Cassia Oil

(cinnamomum cassia leaf)

Essential cassia oil is used to give fragrances the bold and spicy aroma of cinnamon.


Essential Carrot Oil

(daucus carota sativa seed)

Derived from the seeds of daucus carota sativa, essential carrot oil provides a woody, spicy, and sweet aroma that is used by many to ease worry and enhance relaxation.


Labdanum Absolute

(cistus ladaniferus extract)

Extracted from the resinous leaves and stems of cistus ladanifer, labdanum absolute is used to give fragrances a sweet, woody, and amber-like aroma.


Essential Patchouli Oil

(pogostemon cablin)

Extracted from the leaves and stems of pogostemon cablin, essential patchouli oil offers a distinctively earthy, rich, and herbaceous aroma that many use to uplift and ground.


Essential Clary Sage Oil

(salvia sclarea)

Sourced from the flowers and leaves of salvia sclarea, clary sage oil offers an herbaceous, earthy, warm, and subtly floral aroma. It is often used to invite calm, uplift one’s spirits, and inspire creativity and decision making. It is also used to help balance sacral and third eye chakras.


Styrax Benzoin Resin Extract

Styrax benzoin resin extract lends a rich, sweet, and gentle vanilla-like scent with hints of cinnamon. Many use it for calming, grounding, and doing root chakra work.


Pet Warning

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